Smashing Yodhas Badminton tournament is set to kick off on 24th Feb, 2019. It’s the time of the year when badminton is clearly the flavor of the season and players are excited and keen to perform their best.

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5th badminton tournament hosted by Smashing Y...

Watching a badminton tournament at home on television is always a nice feeling, but to watch a live game is really awesome. Last Sunday, 24th February 2019, the 5th badminton tournament was hosted by Smashing Y

24th Feb 2019 -Smashing Yodhas club hosts 5th...

On Feb 24th, 2019, Smashing Yodhas club has organized an internal badminton tournament- an initiative to promote healthy lifestyles through active engagement in sports. Players from different corporate worlds w

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Team smashing yodhas
Team smashing yodhas

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