About Us

Smashing Yodhas: Badminton club as a social and moral booster
Welcome to Smashing Yodhas, a sports club where we strive to build strong relationships among team members through sports and recreation.
If you want a burst of happiness and relaxation, then getting involved in a physical activity is a must. Sports has always been a great means for friends and colleagues to enhance togetherness and bring them together from different fields.
Smashing Yodhas is our effort to keep the team member’s key mental and physical skills sharp as we age through sports. And what can be better than playing badminton? Participating in various practice sessions and internal tournaments helps to keep fit and reduce stress and loneliness. Not only this, your strength, skills and stamina also increase through playing sports and we help each other to succeed in tasks with the renewed vigor and energy that comes from physical activities.

Our vision is to build a good relationship with people from diverse backgrounds and traits and help them enjoy each other’s company through sports. We believe that this encourages teamwork and also prepares you to work with different people harmoniously. We aim to offer positive experiences to a person’s life so that whoever joins, feels proud to be a member of the club.