24th Feb 2019 -Smashing Yodhas club hosts 5th Badminton Tournament supporting healthy lifestyles and social well being

On Feb 24th, 2019, Smashing Yodhas club has organized an internal badminton tournament- an initiative to promote healthy lifestyles through active engagement in sports. Players from different corporate worlds will play in groups and this is believed to stimulate teamwork, improve communication and relationships within teams, enhance their confidence and moral and also encourage keen competition while promoting fitness and health.

All the badminton players are super excited about the event and are looking forward to delivering their best performance in the grand event that will be attended by many visitors. The club members are all working to make the event a success and at the same time intends to nurture budding badminton players. We are proud to be associated with such a program with a good cause and wish for a successful tournament.

Best wishes to everyone participating and special thanks to those who have offered their support to organize the tournament.


Tournament details:

Time:  11.45 AM to 4PM

Venue: Leeds Beckett University

This is to inform you all that we are organising our Feb 2019 tournament on 24th Feb 2019 (Court Available Time: 11AM to 4PM ) and will be sponsored by IDS logic for the winners/runners up trophy & for the food.

1. If you would like to play please register your pair in this format 24thFeb2019-X&Y and please don’t forget to text me personally also, it will help me to organise.

2. Organiser will have no role to decide any team or object any pair, please feel free to raise your pair, anyone can play with anyone as long as both are happy.

3. Smashing yodhas t-shirt is mandatory to put on in order to participate in the tournament, if you don’t have then please let me know I will organise one before the tournament.

4. All players must stay till end of the tournament.

5. Exact time match schedule will be published before 1 day.

6. Smashing Yodhas Standard rules will be applied however if any change then will be informed in advance.

7. Cut off date and time to register your name is 18th Feb 2019, 10PM.

8. All players to play with their own risk.

9. Please ensure you have university membership or you have paid for that day as organiser has no role to collect or deposit the money to the university on behalf of the players.

Please click here to see the Match timing &  Schedule


Match Standard Rules


    • Italiya_ketan

      23rd February 2019

      Thanks Narayan and sure we all will have fun and healthy time.

    • Rathish

      24th February 2019

      What a professional way of conducting the tournament. This has reached the next level. Very happy to be part of a professional team. Great job Narayana.

    • Laxa

      24th February 2019

      Nice initiative Narayan.
      Appreciate your efforts.


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