Fourth Internal Badminton Tournament Scheduled On Oct 21st  2018 – The Excitement Goes On

On Oct 21st, 2018, an internal badminton tournament has been scheduled by Smashing Yodhas club where different badminton players will play according to their groups. Players are excited about this match and are eagerly waiting for the day. The reason for organizing the tournament is two-fold. Firstly, it is a passion for the players and is one of the most popular and social pastimes. Secondly, it is an important sport that helps in promoting healthy lifestyles, discipline, team work and other social development.

All the members of the club are actively working to inspire, empower and connect with each other. And we all are proud to work alongside those who continue to promote the mental, physical and social wellbeing of people coming from diverse fields. To see so many people experiencing the friendship and enjoyment that a badminton tournament can offer will surely be a great sight this Saturday.

Best of Luck to everyone who will participate in the tournament and thanks to those who have lent their immense support to organize this event.

Tournament details:

Time:  12Pm to 5PM

Venue: Leeds Beckett University

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